The Wellness Community has been waiting to be embraced by our healthcare system. The solutions to the opioid crisis already exist but are we open to receive them and willing to make the necessary changes to save lives? If not now, how many more lives need to be lost for us to start adopting integrative therapies first line? 

There’s no one person or organization responsible for the opioid crisis. We each play a role. It’s time to decide if you’re going to continue being part of the problem or will you make the necessary changes needed to end countless suffering and save lives?


It’s time to take responsibility for YOUR health and well-being and stay the course with non-opioid treatment options. If you don’t choose to block your pain with opioids, you’ll never have to worry about addiction and overdose. Simple, right? It sounds simple but we know dealing with pain is not easy. However, pain is there for a reason and there is another way. You CAN manage and treat your pain safely and effectively with integrative options.  The best way to manage your pain is to get to the root cause to finally free yourself from endless pain and suffering. Integrative Healthcare Solutions is here to give you the information you need, the tools to help and the inspiration to succeed.  #YOUGOTTHIS! 

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Integrative Healthcare Solutions is for you: 

  • have (or had) an upcoming surgery or procedure?
  • need help controlling your pain? 
  • don't like/want to take pain meds?
  • want to focus on the root cause and heal your pain? 
  • need information and support on all the available non-opioid treatment options? 
  • want credible information to  help you make an informed decision of what non-addictive treatments can best control your pain?  
  • need help with addiction/overdose?
  • want to share your story and inspire others? 
  • feeling overwhelmed or limited on time to check out all the information out there on preventing opioid addiction/overdose and alternative treatment options? 

Utilize our website for all your needs and contact us if you need additional support.



Be empowered to make opioid prescriptions the last resort for your patients. Integrative Healthcare Solutions will partner with you to provide unique, individualized solutions geared towards your specific office and patient population’s needs.

Contact us if you want to form a Prevention Partnership with Integrative Healthcare Solutions and save lives.  



We know you care about patients and want what’s best for them. It’s time to evolve your Sales and Marketing practices to reflect this by educating physicians and patients on ALL available treatment options not only prescription medicine. Prescription medicine is one option among many that can treat pain. Life changes when you become a patient. Patients deserve fairness and truth about all available treatment options so they can make an informed decision on how best to manage their pain while preventing opioid addiction and overdose.  

Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate on new solutions to best serve our patients in need.  



It’s time to come together for the benefit of patient's lives and start covering all non-opioid treatment options the way prescription medicine is covered. Patients want options and need access to integrative therapies to prevent addiction, overdose and achieve well-being. Healthcare costs will also go down. 

Contact us so we can partner together to remove the barriers to the opioid crisis and save lives.  



Please continue supporting integrative therapy legislation needs and fund non-opioid treatment initiatives, like ours, so together we can make non-prescription treatment options the first line standard of care for pain management. 

Contact us to learn how we can work together to save lives and end this crisis.

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