IHS mission

The mission of Integrative Healthcare Solutions is to make non-opioid treatment options the new standard of care in pain management. By partnering with medical providers to accelerate the integration of complementary medical techniques and lifestyle changes into our healthcare system, we can break the cycle of the addiction/healthcare crisis and end needless suffering. 

IHS serves as the integrative healthcare liaison for physicians, patients, healthcare organizations and our wellness community. We provide the needed education, access, support, and inspiration that gives providers and patients the confidence to choose and maintain a preventative approach to medicine and life that results in greater well-being and socioeconomic impact in our communities.



The harsh reality is our healthcare system is broken. Physicians took an oath to do no harm, yet we’re not giving our physicians what they need to safely and effectively treat their patients. We’re not giving doctors time to think about a better way to treat their patients given insurance company demands. Traditional medical doctors receive little to no training on nutrition and integrative therapies although these have been successfully used to treat illness and disease around the world for centuries. Instead, we solely rely on scientific studies that are funded by drug companies which are completed in controlled environments.  Drug companies spend billions of dollars marketing and selling to physicians and patients on a daily basis.  It’s no wonder prescription medicine has become our main and sometimes only treatment option for patients.  None of these drugs cure disease, they only treat symptoms and sometimes have side effects causing unintentional harm.  Lastly, in our traditional healthcare model, the Eastern and Western worlds of medicine are working in silos.  It can no longer be one vs the other. All aspects of our healthcare system need to come together and integrate for the sake of our communities' health and well-being and the socioeconomic impact to our country. 

My name is Catherine DeOrsey, the Founder and CEO of Integrative Healthcare Solutions. 

I've worked in healthcare for my entire professional life.  I have a science background with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and am a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  For the last 20 years, I've successfully worked on the inside of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and as a result, have many friends who are physicians and in the industry. Let me be clear, I thoroughly respect and admire the medical community.  

Personally, I've endured many challenges over the last 25 years of my life's journey. I've  experienced my brother, David's, 20 year addiction and fatal overdose to opioids and alcohol in 2008.  My father was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer and died in 8.5 months on Valentine's Day 2005 (David's birthday) and my friend, Lisa (45 years old), was diagnosed with Triple Hit Lymphoma in 2017 and died in 7 months.  Out of nowhere in 2016, my stomach started to hurt and I was diagnosed with my own health crisis: severe Crohn's Disease.  Reflecting on all these experiences, I witnessed firsthand how integrative medicine was never even a consideration or discussion for any of our conditions or symptoms.  It was only through becoming a patient and going through our healthcare system from a different perspective that I realized we're approaching healthcare wrong in our country and as a result millions of people are suffering.  I realized deep down inside of me that we can no longer solely rely on scientific evidence and prescription medicine to treat pain and disease.  Through my own condition and discovery, I found a better way! A better way to treat pain, a better way to treat disease and a better way to live our lives that brings greater health and happiness. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? 

Helping to bring integrative solutions to the medical community is my passion and mission in life. It’s time to help our doctors and their patients get through their pain rather than continue to block or ignore it.  Integrative Healthcare Solutions is here to turn our current healthcare model on its head by taking money, power and fame out of the equation so we can focus on one thing: getting people the help they need to become well. Our vision is to lead the transformation of today's sick-care system into a new model of healthcare that focuses on the prevention of disease and well-being. 

In memory of my father, Arthur Gott, my brother, David Gott, and my friend, Lisa Horne, please join me as we transform our sick-care system into a healthcare system one office and one patient at a time. 

Integrative Healthcare Solutions is a 501 (c)(3) organization.