IHS is dedicated to developing, maintaining and leveraging integrative healthcare advocacy. This will be done via various means including:

Integrative Healthcare Patient Advocacy Group

Have you or someone you know transformed their health by incorporating integrative medicine into your lifestyle?  Would you like to connect with others that have successfully transformed their health with integrative medicine? If so, please join our group!

Together we’ll be meeting multiple times a year to discuss  different ways in how we can incorporate diet and lifestyle techniques as  well as integrative therapies to manage and heal our pain as well as achieve greater well-being.  Educate yourself and meet new friends in a positive, uplifting environment.

Success Stories/Testimonials

Have you found another way to manage your health and well-being with non-prescription medicine techniques? 

Please share your transformative  healthcare story for others to learn and be inspired by.  

need integrative advocacy support?